• +What is DuraTherm?

    DuraTherm is a decorative asphalt surfacing system designed specifically for hightraffic areas. DuraTherm’s tremendous durability ensures your streetscape will maintain its bold look for many years. It holds up to the toughest traffic and weather conditions and requires minimal maintenance. DuraTherm’s uniquely formulated thermoplastic material is inlaid into imprinted asphalt and lasts considerably longer than surface-laid thermoplastics.

    Installing the thermoplastic flush with the asphalt makes it extremely resistant to wear caused by traffic and snowplows. In most cases installation of one lane is complete in 90 minutes. Maintenance is simple: just power wash and the removal of dirt and grime will bring new life to DuraTherm colors.

    Since DuraTherm’s market introduction in 2002, we have installed it in hundreds of communities across North America. Our work has attracted stakeholders who appreciate the solutions that DuraTherm brings to their ever-present concerns for their communities: safe streets and public spaces, practical and cost-effective installation and maintenance, and a positive community image.

  • +How do we install DuraTherm?
    1. Heat asphalt using gentle reciprocating heat.
    2. Imprint and remove pattern templates.
    3. Insert high-performance thermoplastic.
    4. Melt and permanently fuse thermoplastic to asphalt surface
  • +What are the benefits of DuraTherm?

    Durability: Exceptional durability in high traffic applications results in significantly lower maintenance costs.

    Minimal Disruption: DuraTherm crosswalks can be installed in less than 90 minutes per lane, resulting in fewer traffic disruptions and significant cost savings.

    Smooth Surface: DuraTherm produces a smooth surface, which is vibration-free and quiet under traffic.

    Highly Visible: Bold patterns and colors are ideal for high-visibility and safety-oriented installations.

  • +Solutions to Problems

    Problem: Many of Boston’s distinctive brick and stone crosswalks and sidewalks have shifted and become uneven over time. They are a hazard for everyone, especially people using wheelchairs or walkers. Supported by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), advocates for the physically challenged community in Boston asked the city to do something. The old crosswalks and sidewalks presented an increased risk of legal liability for the local government and building owners. “For years, people have disliked and avoided them [granite sidewalks]. We saw an opportunity to try this out,” said Boston public works commissioner Joseph Casazza in the Boston Globe. The challenge was to create safe, ADA-compliant sidewalks and crosswalks that would maintain the look and feel of Boston’s visual heritage.

    IPC’s Solution: We used DuraTherm to create safe, beautiful crosswalks in the downtown tourist areas around city hall and Quincy Market. We replaced 50 granite crosswalks in and around Huntington Avenue with DuraTherm crosswalks. In addition, we incorporated a 45-foot circular centerpiece art installation at historic Brigham Circle. Extremely popular with residents and tourists, this project is proof that safety and heritage can work together.


LogoTherm™ is a high quality thermoplastic technology designed for durable, horizontal signage. IPC’s revolutionary reciprocating heating technology safely raises the thermoplastic temperature to its melting point without risk of scorching. This ensures adhesion without degrading the image and makes it easy for our licensed Applicators to apply this optimal heating over a large area. This technology ensures that the entire LogoTherm image is completely adhered to the substrate, giving your logo the most enduring value possible.

LogoTherm™ Key Benefits

  1. Durable: Wear and crack resistant properties of the highest quality thermoplastics give your logo enduring value.
  2. Reflective: Reflectivity means that the night time visibility of your logo is enhanced.
  3. Safety Features: LogoTherm provides skid and slip resistance to enhance pedestrian safety.
  4. Accurate: Our qualified graphic artists develop high quality digital versions of your image for each design. This digital information drives our high definition laser cutting process. The result is high precision, detailed images that accurately represent your logo.

DuraTherm® Video